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Monday, June 9, 2008

Those Crazy Footballers: Syrian Anthem Played for Lebanese

Talk about your political mistakes. The Syrian National Anthem was played for the Lebanese soccer team in a match in Riyadh before their World Cup Qualifying game against Saudi Arabia. From the BBC:

Saudi Arabian football authorities are investigating an error that led to the Syrian national anthem being played before a match against Lebanon.

Several Lebanese players were visibly angry when the wrong anthem was played before Saturday's game, reports say.

Officials at the stadium quickly realised their mistake, and eventually played the correct national anthem before the World Cup qualifying clash.

Lebanon went on to lose the match in the Saudi capital Riyadh, 2-1.
Then they lose the game! I guess it didn't get them fired up enough to play well. That story's almost as good as the English singer who sang the Croatian National anthem before a match against England last year and accidentally substituted the Croat word "penis" for "mountains." That did fire up the Croats, and they beat England. I don't know what that says about the Croatians.

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