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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Women Wake Up! John McCain is Pro-Life.

An interesting discussion on Hardball tonight about the number of women who don't realize John McCain is pro-life. Not only is he pro-life, he favors overturning Roe v. Wade. Apparently, because McCain has a reputation as a maverick and an independent a certain segment of women believe he is pro-choice.

Planned Parenthood commissioned a poll in March of this year and it found that 36% of all pro-choice,women McCain supporters in key battleground states didn't know that he was pro-life and mistakenly believed he was pro-choice. Many of those women supporters say that knowing he is in fact pro-life makes them not want to support him.

Not only is he pro-life, he thinks abortion is a threat to our national security. From Iowa last year:

Q: Some people argue that, in the general election, the most important issue is going to be national security, and an issue like abortion should be de-emphasized. Do you agree with that?

A: I think the respect and commitment to the rights of the unborn is something I've fought for, and it has a lot to do with national security. Because it says very much what kind of a country we are and our respect for human life, whether it be here in the US or anyplace else in the world. So I think it is connected.

Of course, McCain also voted NO on funding for birth control for teenagers. We wouldn't want to reduce the number of abortions by, oh, say, preventing pregnancy in the first place, would we? You can check out McCain's voting record here.

Here's the Hardball discussion:

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