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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Best Campaign for State Representative Ever

Being from (and living in) Kansas I'm always looking for reasons to shout about our coolness to people. (Stop laughing.) The Jayhawks have given me lots of ammunition lately, but as football season is still a month away I need something else to crow about. Enter, Sean Tevis (looking sufficiently sincere at left).

As you know, I'm a moderate Republican, a type of political character constantly under attack by a small number of fringe conservative Republicans who have tried to give Kansas a bad name. See "What's the Matter with Kansas", Evolution, and the Summer of Mercy. So I've decided to try out the Democrats this year. I'm going with Obama, I support our democratic governor Sebelius and I'm voting for whatever guy it is that's on the ballot against Fourth District Congressman Nutjob Todd Tiahrt this year. (That last one's nothing new).

That brings me to Sean Tevis. He's an architect hoping to redesign the Kansas Legislature, one sensible voice at a time. So he's running against a anti-choice Republican incumbent Arlen Siegfreid. Unseating a Republican state legislator in Kansas is like pulling the nose hairs out of an ant. So Sean needs our help. He's hoping to get 3,000 people to donate to him to support his campaign. With a slick website and a great campaign strategy, he's almost there, already having more than 2,300 donations.

So go to and help the guy out. If nothing else, check out his great take on the Kansas legislature. Even though he had the poor taste to go to a Jim Slattery campaign function, I'm going with Tevis.


The folks at Indecision 2008 have picked up on Tevis as well. ChubbyChaser writes:
Ever heard of Sean Tevis? Me neither.

But, apparently, he's running for state representative in Kansas or Arkansas or Uberkansas or someplace. I can't say that I know all that much about his policies, but I can tell you that he's my favorite politician in forever.

In an effort to raise the 26,000 that he needs to raise by July 28th that he needs (for some reason) to beat the incumbent Arlen Siegfreid, Tevis (or somebody brilliant on his team) created this web comic ("Running for Office: It's Like A Flamewar with a Forum Troll, but with an Eventual Winner") in the style of my favorite web comic, xkcd.

You can read more of the post HERE. This dude posted a comment after CC's post that said Johnson County, where Tevis is running, is the "one non-ridiculously-conservative county in Kansas." Uh.... a bunch of rich, white people living together in the suburbs who elected Tevis' staunchly conservative opponent aren't exactly non-ridiculously-conservative. At least, not by any definition of non-ridiculously-conservative that you'd get in any high school civics class. You know, if they taught that sort of thing.

Douglas County, man! Come on! Home of the Jayhawks and Rock Chalk Barack! If any one is non-ridiculously-conservative its the Crimson and the Blue. Am I right? (It gets old typing non-ridiculously-conservative.) KU is where it's at.

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