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Friday, July 11, 2008

Countdown: McCain's POW Sniper Fire

Why McCain would want to say this, I have no idea. But as we've already covered, McCain said he named the starting lineup of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line when he was being tortured and asked for the names of his squadron. However, in every other telling of the story, it was the Green Bay Packers he named, not the Steelers.

This blog pointed out, as does Rachel Maddow tonight on Countdown, that the problem with this story is also that the Steel Curtain defense didn't become famous until well after McCain was taken prisoner.

So why the flub? He was talking to a Pittsburgh reporter and made the comments unsolicited. Pandering seems to be what was going on as he would clearly remember that it was the Packers, not the Steelers. You can watch Rachel Maddow discuss the story, but it's really fun to get Olbermann's take.

You watch the scene from the movie and imagine that the POW experience was even more intense than that for McCain and you wonder why he would want to tarnish his own legacy by selling out for politics.

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