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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Daily Show All New This Week

The Daily Show returns with all new shows the week of July 14th. All I have to say is, "Thank, God!" May I suggest a few topics for the show:

  • Jesse Jackson wants to cut off Obama's nuts.
  • Phil Gramm calls us a nation of whiners.
  • Bernie Mac calls his wife a ho while introducing Obama.
  • Schwarzenegger talks to Stephanopoulos (I don't know if he said anything worth making fun of, but with those two last names there has to be some joke in there somewhere).
  • McCain says the Steelers Steel Curtain were the names he gave his POW captors. (It was actually the Green Bay Packers).
  • Karl Rove stands up Congress, skips country to avoid subpoena.
  • Iran Photoshops its missile launch to add more photos.
  • President Bush tells the G-8 leaders, "Goodbye from the world's largest polluter!"

A lot sure has happened here on Walton Mountain since the Daily Show's been in reruns!

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