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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Daily Show, Colbert Take on the New Yorker

Stewart on getting news from satire: Like a lot of people I get my news from the Daily Show. I think Jon Daily is terrific. But sometimes when the daily show gets a little snarky or ideological or self-referential I tune out. That's when I turn to my second source of news: the cartoon.

On CNN saying the New Yorker covers are provocative: Oh, it's so true! I remember a few weeks they had this thing a few weeks ago, bears clocking out at a national park and I remember thinking, "Bears! They don't have time cards and ipods! People do! When people see that they're going to be ma

d at bears!" So a provocative cover from a smarty-pants magazine. Wow, it won't be long before everyone sees this thing framed in their kid's psychiatrist's office. It's a trifle, it's nothing. There's so many other things to talk about: Iraq, the collapse of some of our most prestigious institutions. Right?

On the news media hyping the story: threat or menace? Stinky or poopy? Let's go to the most trusted name in news. Surely someone there can be the voice of reason.

On Wolf Blitzer saying it looks like a neo-nazi magazine cover: So you're saying out of context it looks like a neo-nazi magazine. well let's do a little game here. let's take something out of context which sounds more neo-nazi, "the new yorker magazine" or "wolf blitzer!" "I am wolf blitzer! Take me to your situation room! My name is Wolf Blitzer!"

On the Obama camp reaction: The Obama camp initially agreed that the cover was "tasteless and offensive." Really? Do you know what your response should've been? It's very easy. Here, let me put the statement out for you. Barack Obama is in no way upset about the cartoon that depicts him as a Muslim extremist because you know who gets upset about cartoons? Muslim extremists! Of which Barack Obama is not. It's just a fucking cartoon.

But as always, nowhere was the anger at the media hotter than in the media. Good for you media. You should be outraged. How dare the New Yorker magazine present horrible misperceptions about Barack Obama without clearly stating whether or not the allegations are true. That is so your job. So now we know where the real two dimensional figures are! Television!

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