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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Want to Say I told You So...

But I will. I don't think Barack Obama will end up losing the election because of his trip overseas, but it certainly isn't helping him pull away from McCain. In fact, it has cost him ground in at least a couple of key battleground states. Most notably, in Colorado.

New Quinnipiac Polling shows Obama now trailing McCain in Colorado after having held the lead there. According to the Washington Post:
The first in the series of polls, conducted in the four states in mid-June, showed Obama comfortably ahead of McCain in Wisconsin and Minnesota while the races in Michigan and Colorado were closer although Obama still held the lead. The latest polling, showing a much tighter race, was conducted July 14 to 22, during Obama's high-profile trip to the Middle East.
What did I say? I said Americans don't like it when Europeans like something and we sure as hell don't like it when Europeans are telling us what to do. They're falling all over themselves for Obama. Who can blame them? But it only creates a negative backlash in America for Obama. We don't like Europe. We don't like Elitists. "We" being the bread and butter Midwestern folk, the ones he's counting on to overtake McCain. Kerry's elitism cost him the election to beer drinker Bush. McCain, sadly, isn't nearly as likable as Bush so Obama's still looking okay. Especially since Obama is 100 times more likable than Kerry.

Let's just hope the European headache wears off for Americans in time for the Convention. He's going to want that bounce coming out of Denver, and he better hope the Colorado polls reflect an upswing instead of a downswing. Next time, Barack, stick to the Midwest and forget the wienerschnitzel.


Indecision 2008 has this funny bit about Americans disdain for Europe and why the trip isn't helping Obama:

While many in Europe appreciated the speech, others complained it was too vague on key policy points. That's when one French journalist gave this "helpful" quote to the New York Times...

"On the positive side, we can expect somebody who reasons the way we do in Europe," said Pierre Rousselin, the foreign editor of Le Figaro, a French newspaper, after the speech.

Sacre bleu! Non, non, Monsieur Pierre, you are not helping your ami Barack. To Americans, "reasoning the way we do in Europe" means three things, and three things only: socialism, surrender and political suicide.

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