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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Drudge Report: Jackson Used "N" Word

According to TVNewser, even FOX News thinks some things are too taboo to air. You'll remember Bill O'Reilly aired video of Jesse Jackson saying he wanted to cut off Obama's nuts because he was talking down to black people. FOX News has confirmed that is not all he said. According to TVNewser:
TVNewser has been sent the transcript of what Jesse Jackson said Sunday morning July 6, as he prepared for an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend. Below is the partial transcript we received in our tips box, and confirmed to be authentic by Fox News Channel representatives.
Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling n—s how to behave.
I think Jesse aught to get together with Bill Clinton, Phil Gramm, and Geraldine Ferraro after the election is over and compete to see who had the biggest gaffe during the campaign. (You can't invite Hillary. She'd win hands down).

I wonder what Jesse's son will say about that! He's already pretty pissed at Pop. Just goes to show, the Bush eavesdropping, wire tape program is being put to good use at FOX News.

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