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Monday, July 7, 2008

The Make McCain's Poster Contest Exciting Contest

Maybe John McCain figures if he can't win the General Election, he can host a game show. I hear Howie won't do the syndicated Deal or No Deal. Maybe McContest should apply!

First, we had the $300 million dollar design a car battery contest, followed by the not so popular Clean Car Contest. (Will the owner of the Straight Talk Express please visit our information booth? You're bus is the dirtiest bus in the parking lot! You've won a free car wash!) Then there was the win a ride on the McCain Straight Talk Express, and now.....

The McCain Poster Contest!! That's right, 10 people have made it to the final round, competing for the best campaign poster design. Unfortunately, McCain supporters don't appear to be nearly as creative as those participating in the Colbert Green Screen Challenge. Here are some examples:

But my favorite has to be this one:

If you think you can design a better one, I want to see it! Send it to: My contest will have no winner and no glory, just a chance to have your poster posted on this blog!


DailyKos beat me to this! They have a poster contest of their own and its pretty hysterical! Here are some of the entries:

Head over to Daily Kos and cast your vote!

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