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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ich Bin Ein JFK Copycat - Obama Wraps up German Vote

Okay, so I still like Barack Obama, but this whole recreating Camelot thing is a little spooky. The London Times now reports that Obama "hopes" to make a speech at the Brandenburg Gate later this month in Berlin. Kennedy, of course, made history with his Ich Bin Ein Berliner speech in Germany (which did not take place at the Brandenburg Gate).

However, according to the Times, the German government is a little antsy about appearing partisan towards Obama (someone was heard saying, "But that McCain guy's always singing bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran. What if we're next?"). But the Mayor of Berlin is all for it:

Chancellor Angela Merkel's office this week made it clear that Mr Obama would be welcome in Berlin, but no more or less than his rival Senator McCain.

But the decision to approve the Brandenburg Gate speech lies with local Berlin authorities, and yesterday the city's leftwing mayor Klaus Wowereit dropped all diplomatic pretence.

"The mayor would be delighted to have Mr Obama take advantage of speaking at the Brandenburg Gate to spread his message," said the mayor's spokesman.

According to Ben Smith at Politico, the German Chancellory wants to protect the "special" heritage of the Berlin Gate:
Chancellery officials are concerned that the Brandenburg Gate could be turned into an "arbitrary stage" that other campaigns could also seek to use in the future.
However, the German population favors Obama over McCain, as polls show he has a 61 percentage point lead in a race in which they're not voting. What the Germans want, the Germans get, recht? Du bist crazy if you think the Aryan stronghold won't do everything it can to make sure Mr. Obama is elected.

As I've said before, this race has gone off into Bizarro World.

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