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Monday, July 7, 2008

Japanese Commerical Depicts Obama as a Monkey

Sadly, no, this isn't a joke (even if I did find it at Indecision 2008). According to the Huffington Post:

The response from black people in Japan and others, once news of the ad spread, was swift. Cries that the depiction was raw racism and an insult to Obama and all Blacks drew a denial of any knowing wrongdoing from eMobile. Spokespeople for the company assured the press that there was no racist intent on the company's part and it meant in no way to demean Obama or Black people. The company pulled the ad within hours after the story broke.
ChubbyChaser over at Indecision 2008 has decided not to be offended and offers the following take:
I mean, this is Japan we're talking about. It was either gonna be a monkey or a 600-foot breakdancing zebra with eight arms. I, for one, am glad the advertisers exercised a little restraint for once.
The Huffington Post points out that the monkey in the ad is the snow monkey which is apparently considered a holy animal. The Huff's Earnest Harris says, "Popular American TV show Animal Planet reports that 'Snow monkeys play a prominent role in Japanese culture; they are considered to be messengers of the Shinto gods and symbols of success and good fortune.'"

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