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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

KS Grand Jury Protects a Woman's Right to Choose

United States Senator Nancy Kassebaum said of abortion: It is seldom the right moral choice, but it is important it be a choice. The Republican Senator from Kansas was reflecting the majority view of her state when she posed the policy position. Today, a Wichita Grand Jury upheld those sentiments in finding Dr. George Tiller committed no wrong-doing in performing late term abortions:
After six months of conducting an investigation that included hearing extensive witness testimony, reviewing volumes of documents and medical records of patients of Women's Health Care Services, this Grand Jury has not found sufficient evidence to bring an indictment on any crime related to the abortion laws
While the Grand Jury may have had pro-lifers on it who wanted to charge Dr. Tiller, they had to follow the law. And that is the point.

Dr. Tiller has been shot, subjected to harassment from Operation Rescue, and his patients have had their privacy rights violated (including having their records turned over to Bill O'Reilly of all horrible people) all in the name of "enforcing" Kansas' abortion statute, a statute he has not violated. Kansas law prohibits an abortion after 22 weeks unless continuation of the pregnancy would cause a substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function. The Supreme Court has ruled that this includes a mental health exception and that is what drives the pro-lifers, well, crazy.

As a result, they have repeatedly convened grand juries under an obscure Kansas law trying to find that Dr. Tiller has violated the law. He hasn't. In pursuit of their goal, they've taken pictures of pregnant women going in to his clinic and posted those on their websites. They've subpoenaed the medical records of all his patients (even the ones who didn't have an abortion), not asking that any information be redacted. They've posted billboards in Wichita threatening members of the grand jury to indict Dr. Tiller or else. All these threats to people's lives come, presumably, in the name of the unborn. They don't seem to understand or care that they are ruining the lives of the living, and they see government corruption everywhere, even in the grand jury they helped to seat. Operation Rescue said of today's Grand Jury decision:
Once again, we are suspicious that corrupt influences in the government, which have been influenced by Tiller’s large financial involvement in Kansas politics, may have thwarted justice once again.
The bottom line is Operation Rescue doesn't really want Dr. Tiller out of business. What on earth would they do? He is their chief nemesis and their biggest money-maker. It would be like Lex Luther losing Superman, or the Joker losing Batman. So they will continue to harass him so they can raise money, but all it will ever do is invade the privacy rights of women who've had to turn to him in their deepest moment of despair. It is because of these women, that Dr. Tiller will continue. As he does so, he will not be above the law, he will be following the law.

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