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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Video: McCain on Iran: Killing 'Em Softly with Cigarettes

Thanks to Jed Report for the video!

John McCain should be given an open, uncensored mike as often as possible. Here's the latest greatest McCain McFunny, from the Washington Post:

Responding to a question about a survey that shows increased exports to
Iran, mainly from cigarettes, McCain said, "Maybe thats a way of killing them."

He quickly caught himself, saying "I meant that as a joke" as his wife, Cindy, poked him in the back.

Last time, it was also Iran. His singing about bombing Iran to the theme of the Beach Boy' "Barbara Ann" drew derision from many quarters but a "lighten up" response from McCain.

This is hard to resist. The last 8 years have been so entertaining. I can only imagine what a McCain Presidency would do for the Daily Show. Do I vote for him and give Jon Stewart great material for the next four years? Or do I vote for Obama and have to listen to 8 years of jokes about the Congress. Hmm.... Congressmen just aren't funny. Even Newt was only good for a couple of yuks about his name. I guess I'll give up the Daily Show for Love of Country. As McCain would say, Country First.

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