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Thursday, July 17, 2008

McCain's Obama Documentary

John McCain has released what he's calling his "Obama Iraq Documentary: Whatever the Politics Demand."

The Documentary tries to portray Obama as having changed his position on Iraq. An e-mail from the campaign has this to say about the video:

It explores Senator Obama's record of shifting political positions on the critical national security issue of Iraq.

Over the past year, both Barack Obama and John McCain have taken part in a great national debate over the war in Iraq. It quickly became clear that the Bush Administration was pursuing a failed strategy in Iraq and we needed change. John McCain alone had the courage and judgment to stand up and call for a surge of troops and a new strategy to win the war in Iraq - a strategy that is succeeding. Barack Obama repeatedly opposed the surge strategy, saying it would fail. John McCain made the right call at great political risk - he put his country first.

Today, we know Senator Obama was wrong, and rather than admit his mistake, Barack Obama is now trying to pretend that he was for the surge all along.

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