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Monday, July 21, 2008

McCain's Plan to Steal Obama's Thunder

Cross Your Fingers! McMo May Happen Yet! (For those of you who have no experience living in Utah, unlike some of us poor tortured souls, a "Mo" is a Mormon.) Johnny Mac is thinking about dropping the Veep bomb this week (in no way having anything to do with trying to steal any kind of thunder from the Obamamania Tour of Europe and the Middle East).

This sets up the very real possibility of getting to see John McCain and Mitt Romney standing together in the most uncomfortable moment since Elliott Spitzer's press conference with his wife. However, it probably won't happen this week. This is likely just a small smoke screen to get some buzz away from Obama's trip without actually doing anything.

McCain has a couple of plans he's going to hatch this week to try and divert attention from Obama. Some of them we've already seen:
Here are the other stories (according to an "inside" source) the McCain camp is planning:
  • McCain sits down for a live chat session with the cast of Big Brother 10 to prove his Internet savvy (fireworks explode when he gives away the secret alliances!)
  • An open mic picks up George W. Bush saying to Condi, "Did you see McCain the other day talking down to oilmen with this global warming crap? I wanted to stuff his f-ing nuts up his ass."
  • McCain will tell a Iowa newspaper editorial board that he hopes Obama picks a Veep candidate soon saying, "After all, I remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June before the nomination process was wrapped."
I'm looking forward to the day that Obama speaks in Germany. I have a hunch, and this is just pure speculation, that a gaffe of epic proportions is headed our way that day. McCain's finally figured it out: the press pays attention when you screw up! And boy is he screwing up!


Indecision 2008 has the following take on McCain's plans to steal Obama's thunder:

That is one cleverly-crafted menu of media bait, for sure. Now the press has no reason to skimp on coverage of McCain's events this week.

To get to the bottom of the buzz, [McCain's] traveling press corps rushed the plane Monday evening. A group of reporters reached beyond the curtain that divides its seating area from McCain and his campaign.

"Go away!" laughed Mark Salter, a senior aide.

"What do you want you little jerks?" McCain said.

...well, I guess they have one reason.

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