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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Video: Obama Family on Access Hollywood

A good interview complete with all those awkward moments you get when you're a candidate running for President and your young children are given an open mike. Heck, that's embarrassing even if you're not running for President. I actually thought the girls, Malia and Natasha, did pretty well. Access Hollywood plans to air more of the interview tomorrow.

Update: Obama now tells Matt Lauer he regrets allowing his daughters to be interviewed and will not allow another interview to take place.

Barack Obama said it was a mistake to allow his daughters to be interviewed extensively by “Access Hollywood,” and he will not allow it to happen again.

“I think that we got carried away in the moment,” the Illinois senator and presumptive Democratic presidential nominee told TODAY’s Matt Lauer Wednesday. “We were having a birthday party, and everybody was laughing. And suddenly this thing cropped up. I didn’t catch it quickly enough. I was surprised by the attention it received.”

The interview, which is being aired in four parts this week on “Access Hollywood,” took place last week in Butte, Mont. In it, Obama and his wife, Michelle, sit down with their daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, to talk about family life and what it’s like to be the daughters of a presidential candidate.

The interview, conducted by Maria Menounos, prompted criticism of the candidate, who had said that he wanted to keep his family life private, but now seemed to be using his family to advance his candidacy.

Lauer asked Obama if the family would do similar sessions in the future.

“We wouldn’t do it again, and we won’t be doing it again,” the candidate said flatly.

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