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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rove Taunts Congress, Looks Forward to Jail

Karl Rove, apparently confusing a Congressional Subpoena with a playground game of Na-Na-Boo-Boo, You can't get me!, failed to show up today for his date in front of a House Judiciary subcommittee.

According to the Washington Post's AP Report:

Lawmakers subpoenaed Rove in May in an effort to force him to talk about whether he played a role in prosecutors' decisions to pursue cases against Democrats, such as former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman, or in firing federal prosecutors considered disloyal to the Bush administration.
Rove says he has immunity and doesn't have to answer to Congress. Congress disagreed and took the first steps towards holding him in contempt. As they should. It's not like this was some ACLU sponsored question and answer panel over at the Mayflower. This is the United States Congress. I can't wait to see what he does when the U.S. Marshall shows up to take him in for booking.

If Rove believes he doesn't have to answer their questions, then he should appear before them and state that they have no right to question him. To just not show up is Idiocracy at its best.

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