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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SC State GOP Senator Blames New Yorker for His Bad Taste

Maybe this is all just part of McCain's plan to steal Obama's thunder while he's in the Middle East. It's not quite as good as saying there's trouble on the mythical Iraq-Pakistan border, but it will work.

Huffington Post found and posted this photo taken from the website of a South Carolina State Senator who supports McCain:

According to HuffPo State Senator Kevin Bryant had this to say about his post:

"You know, blogs are for satire and whatnot and, um, that's why it's up. It's similar to the New Yorker picture. Maybe that's why this has gotten so much attention, because of that thing that came out a couple days ago."

At the top of the site it says, "Thank you for visiting the Legislature's first blog." I don't think the blog thing is going very well in South Carolina.

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