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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tale of Two Parties - Obama's $52 Million Can't Catch McCain Fundraising Machine

What this fundraising race really boils down to is this: Americans are excited about Barack Obama, lukewarm about McCain, hate the Democrats, and constantly donating large sums of money to the GOP fundraising machine.

The AP reports that the Obama campaign took in $52 million for the month of June. Compared to the paltry $22 million John McCain raised you'd think Obama was in great shape. Wrong. McCain's $22 million take was his best month of the year. That take, combined with the money raised by the GOP, gives him more than $95 million. The GOP raised more than $70 million. For McCain. McCain!

The Democrats, on the other hand, somehow finding a way to not get their major donors excited about a candidate whom even John McCain has praised, did not raise as much. Uh, well, that is to say, they raised jack-shit. The DNC took in LESS than McCain (you know the guy nobody's excited about) last month, only raising $20.3 million. That means the total cash haul to do battle with the McBush clan is $92.3 million.

I'm glad to see that Howard Dean is bringing the enthusiasm he used to create his patented scream to his fundraising efforts. Maybe he goes in an yells at the donors in that weird voice and that's why they're not donating. Maybe Hillary's folks are still holding out. Maybe Bill Clinton has started a secret whisper campaign to deny Obama money. (That's not realistic. Bill Clinton whisper? Please. He doesn't know the meaning of the word)

Whatever it is the Dems better get their asses in gear. It'll be a sad day if the GOP can keep raising more money with a lackluster candidate like McCain.

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