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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

UNITED STATES Presidential Campaign Goes Overseas

John McCain is on his way to South America to convince people living in North America to vote for him. Meanwhile, Barack Obama is planning a trip to England and the Middle East later this summer. I have a feeling his trip to Britain will have a bit of a Beatles invade America feel to it, in reverse. Just a guess, but I'm thinking the Brits and E Unioners are pretty psyched about this guy. See, they secretly want to like America and think we're cool, but it would take a President like Obama to make it ok for them to feel that way. (No, Posh and Becks aren't enough to make it cool) Of course, we in America have long ago established that we don't care what the British people think. Let's hope there isn't a backlash against Obama if he turns out to be really popular in Britain. The last thing we got back from Britain that we didn't care for ended up at the bottom of the Boston Harbor.

All this brings me to my point: since when did campaign stops for the Presidency of the UNITED STATES include visits to foreign countries? Can anyone else remember the last major candidate to spend his time visiting foreign countries during an election? (No, Utah doesn't count) Seems odd to me. As if Americans will see the candidate wandering around Buckingham Palace and say, "Oh, he must have foreign policy experience. He was able to get on a plane and fly somewhere." Of course leaders of other countries want to meet with them. They could be the next President of the United States for god's sake. It's not like it proves anything about their leadership abilities. What are voters going to say? "Oh, he got a meeting with Uribe. That must be so hard to do! I will vote for him."

What's next? A backpacking trip across the Pyrenees? Which ever candidate has the best "I lost my money and ended up in a hostel" story wins over the voters? I think Americans are going to be able to glean whether or not you have the experience required to be President without having to see you actually visit the countries you're talking about. Besides, we all remember what happens when you go somewhere and try to claim experience from something that didn't really happen. See Hillary Sniper Fire Filled Bosnia Trip. Just stick to the states. The voters will figure it out.

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