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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Video: Obama, McCain Court Hispanic Voters

Barack Obama spoke today at the League of United Latin American Citizens in Washington, DC. Both he and John McCain had major policy speeches to Latin American groups.

I'd post video of McCain's speech, but so far I have not found any. That's one thing his campaign is pretty bad at doing. They don't turn around video of his speeches very fast. At any rate, here's a synopsis from MSNBC:

Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama pitched competing economic plans to Hispanics on Tuesday, the second time in as many weeks the presidential candidates directly appealed to this critical constituency.

The rivals, to be sure, were pressing anew their support for comprehensive immigration reform, a bedrock issue for Latinos, in separate speeches to the League of United Latin American Citizens.

But each was primarily focused on making his case that he — and not his opponent — could best lead the country out of economic straits and help the middle class achieve prosperity.

"At its core, the economy isn't the sum of an array of bewildering statistics," McCain said. "It's about the aspirations of the American people to build a better life for their families; dreams that begin with a job."

"I have a plan to grow the economy, create more and better jobs, and get America moving again," McCain said, promising to help small businesses prosper, make health care more affordable, improve education and free the country from its dependence on foreign oil.

Said McCain: "If you believe you should pay more taxes, I am the wrong candidate for you. ... Jobs are the most important thing our economy creates."

The crowd greeted him warmly, applauding at several lines and giving him a respectable send-off.

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