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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Video: Schwarzenegger Open to being Obama's Energy Czar

Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may have joined the ranks of GOPers who say they'd be willing to work for a President Barack Obama.

In an interview on ABC's "This Week" Schwarzenegger, sounding far more Presidential than Still President Bush, wouldn't directly answer a question from George Stephanopoulous on whether or not he'd serve as Obama's energy czar, an idea Obama has circulated.

Schwarzenegger said:

“It’s hypothetical,” he added. “I’m always ready to help in any way I can, the United States. I've committed myself to be a public servant. I said to myself, ‘This country has given me everything. It's my time, now — I’m through with the acting and all of those things that I've done, body building.

“Even though I love all of those things still, for me, it's important to give something back, do my work without getting paid and give something back, no matter what I do. If I have this position or not, I will be traveling around the world and I will be promoting [energy independence], renewables, solar, windmills, … protecting the environment, protecting the oceans.”

Stephanopoulos followed up about Obama: “If he were president and he called, you would at least take that call?”

Schwarzenegger replied: “I would take his call now, I will take his call when he's president — any time. Remember, no matter who is president, I don't see this as a political thing, I see this as we always have to help, no matter what the administration is.”

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