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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Anti-American Comments Cost GOP Congresswoman $500,000

Michelle Bachmann's comments that certain members of congress ought to be investigated to determine if they are "anti-American" has resulted in $438,346.57 being donated to her opponent! From Politico:

"It's overwhelming," said [the campaign manager of Bachmann's opponent, Anna] Richey. "I've gotten 600 e-mail messages into our info e-mail account in the last 12 hours. People are outraged." She said a number of the e-mails decried Bachmann's call for the investigation as modern-day McCarthyism. "People shared personal stories of how their parents were discriminated against" during that time, said Richey.

The messages, she said, came from "Republicans, Democrats, people who professed to be out of work and struggling economically but wanted to give what they could."

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