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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chance for Thousands to Boo Palin

Sarah Palin may face the first hostile crowd of her campaign (one that she hadn't wipped into a frenzy herself) this Saturday. She's scheduled to appear at the Flyers-Rangers game in Philadelphia. (You know, gosh darn it, because she's a friggin' hockey mom!) She's going to take some poor soul whose won a contest to be the ultimate hockey mom and drag her out to center ice to face a arena full of 19,500 Philly sports fans.

A cascade of boos and sexist comments may not be real likely, but I'll place my bets on a hostile Philadelphia crowd over a warm reception any day of the week. Of course, hockey fans aren't exactly teeming with Barack Obama supporters, but I'm not sure they're any more thrilled with a politician (a WOMAN politician) stepping foot out on the ice to drop the puck at the ceremonial opening face off. That city is pretty blue, pretty hard core set of folks. Famous Philly "incidents" from a Philly fan site, Nest of Death:
-In 1999, fans jeered Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin as he lay on the field for 20 minutes, suffering from a neck injury that ended his career.

•That same year, fans threw D batteries at St. Louis Cardinals outfielder J.D. Drew, who held out for a year after the Phillies drafted him and eventually signed with the Cards instead.

•Matthew Scott, the only person in the United States to have received a hand transplant, was asked by the Phillies to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at the team's home opener in 1999. The pitch, from his transplanted hand, dribbled over the plate. The fans booed.

•Eagles fans famously blasted Santa Claus with a shower of snowballs at halftime of a game as St. Nick circled helplessly around the field before stadium officials rescued him.
There was also this incident at a Flyers game in 2001:
Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs wrestled with a fan in the penalty box in Philadelphia after Domi twice poured water on taunting spectators. The fan lunged against the glass and threw a punch at Domi that didn't connect. A glass panel separating the two collapsed, and the fan was pulled into the box by Domi.
Good luck, Sarah!

Dennis at Indecision 2008, a Philly man, thinks this is likely, and fan sites are encouraging people to boo:

If there is one thing I know, it is Philadelphia sports fans. The reception will be loud, and, I don't think particularly positive.

Paging Angelo Cataldi: If you can stir up fans to boo a then-rookie Donovan McNabb, you can organize this, too.

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