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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Daily Show: Joe the Plumber Gone Wild

You've got to go about three minutes in and check out all the stupid names Palin the Candidate has given everyone on the campaign trail!

Stewart on Palin not wanting to "label" herself a feminist: She doesn't want to label herself? I think Sarah Palin might be the only candidate in history who has literally labeled herself! [As Miss Wasilla]

The McCain-Palin team knows that labeling people, reducing them to a single word is demeaning and simplistic. And they know that voters, they don't like it. Voters like.....

[Palin recites list of "voters" names]
Joe the Plumber
Ed the Dairy Man
Doug the Barber
Tito the Builder
Christine the Florist
Bill the Bricklayer
Cindy the Citizen
Rose the Teacher
Clark the Cook
Kareena the Nurse
Joe the Farmer
Dave the Cop
Joe the Plumber's Son
Vicky the Realtor
Jeffrey the Hockey Player
Jack the Hunter

Mack the Knife! Sam the Butcher! Bozo the Clown! What is with the name and occupation thing? Is McCain-Palin looking to rule us in the Middle Ages? Reginald the Smith! McCain-Palin: Building a bridge to the 13th Century!

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