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Thursday, October 2, 2008

McCain Continues to Give Obama Cold Shoulder

The freeze out continues from Frosty McFrosty. If nothing else, the ability to be gracious is a quality I'd like to see in my next President. Someone who doesn't hold grudges, who puts country first, who maintains an even temper. From Politico:
According to the campaign pool report, McCain and Obama had only a brief encounter on the Senate floor.

Wrote Michael Cooper of the NYT: "At one point Senator Barack Obama walked over to the Republican side to shake Mr. McCain's hand; Mr. McCain barely interrupted his conversation, and did not pivot to face him, shaking his hand for only a moment."

My colleague Ryan Grim tried to engage McCain on the matter after tonight's vote, but didn't fare much better:

McCain: "Excuse me, you're bothering me."

Politico: "I'm bothering you?"

McCain: "Excuse me, I have to go."
Remember how McCain couldn't even stand to look at Romney during the debates? How he wouldn't even acknowledge Obama during theirs? Is that how he's going to achieve bi-partisanship in the White House? Suppose Democratic Senator Harry Reid comes out, strongly, against some sort of economic package President McCain has proposed, and ridicules it on the house floor. If President McCain holds a bi-partisan summit at the White House to discuss the package, would he even invite Majority Leader Reid? And if he did, would he even look at him during the discussions or would he just shun him? It's hard to reach across the aisle with your back turned to someone.

Andrew Sullivan has more details of the frosty exchange:

As the two shared the Senate floor tonight for the first time since they won their party nominations, Obama stood chatting with Democrats on his side of the aisle, and McCain stood on the Republican side of the aisle. So Obama crossed over into enemy territory. He walked over to where McCain was chatting with Republican Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida and Independent Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut. And he stretched out his arm and offered his hand to McCain.

McCain shook it, but with a “go away” look that no one could miss. He tried his best not to even look at Obama. Finally, with a tight smile, McCain managed a greeting: “Good to see you.” Obama got the message. He shook hands with Martinez and Lieberman — both of whom greeted him more warmly — and quickly beat a retreat back to the Democratic side.

I remember acting like McCain once. When I was in second grade. And I was mad at my mom for not letting me go to my friend's house. I don't think she cared. I don't think Obama does either.

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