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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A McCain Setup: Joe the Plumber

Who is Joe the plumber? Other than an obvious plant and setup from the McCain campaign to use in last night's debate, he is Joe Wurzelbacher, the only man on the planet to have a worse name than Barack Obama.

Joe is now conveniently out there shouting down Obama's tax plan, saying it's socialistic, and pretending to represent the little guy. He is Willie Horton in reverse. He is the white face, of the rust belt, who says Obama is going to hurt his business. He just happens to be the "Average Joe Six pack" come to life. Coincidence? I think not.

Here he is confronting Obama on the rope line prior to the debate (you can tell he was sent by McCain because of the way he asked his question, "Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn't it?"):

Then, of course, McCain just happens to pick this one rope line incident to talk about in the debate. The reason I say Joe's a plant is because I'm cynical. Also, a search of Joe Wurzelbacher through Google reveals no media mentions of his confrontation with Obama on the rope line prior to last night's debate. Yet, the McCain campaign, who is so out of touch with what's happening in America, is able to pick up on this and use it in last night's debate? Please.

The only mention of a Joe Wurzelbacher prior to last night anywhere on the Internet is an Ohio court case, Wurzelbacher v. Colerain Township Board of Trustees, in which he lost a battle to make his neighbors pay for a 650 foot fence he wanted to install on their adjoining property line.

But, of course, McCain with his incredible Internet research skills, was able to find out about Joe somehow. Right...

Update: So Joe was on FOX News before the debate. Still, does nothing to convince me he wasn't sent by Team McCain.

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