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Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain Supporters Defend Islam

It's nice to see good people step up and defend Islam instead of all the hate we've seen lately from McCain rallies. From Politico:

For all the ease of picking out fairly extreme scenes at political rallies, the American News Project has a compelling moment of the reverse at a McCain event in Northern Virginia: McCain backers responding to a man who, outside a rally, is handing out bumper stickers casting Obama as a Muslim, and explaining to the crowd how bad Islam is.

Muslim and Christian McCain supporters confront him in a spirit that would make Colin Powell happy.

"Are you deliberately trying to lose us this election?" one of the latter asks.

Not all Republicans are evil racist assholes, but when you're the white nominee on the other side of the potential first black President you're going to attract more than your far share to your rallies, especially when you're the ones questioning his ties to terrorists.

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