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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Missouri #1?

I don't know about this. The world financial markets are collapsing, racism is making a startling comeback on the campaign trail, and the Missouri Tigers are going to be ranked number 1? Say it ain't so, Joe!

With Oklahoma's loss to Texas, LSU's apparent inability to stop the Florida offense (okay, it's only the first quarter, but 17 points??) and Missouri sitting there ranked number two (in at least one poll), it looks inevitable that the Tiggers will, briefly, be number one. Thank God for Alabama. Roll Tide!

I'm going to assume that the Tiggers will somehow manage to not act like they have in every other pressure situation and beat the Oklahoma State Cowboys tonight. This, however, is about as sure a thing as the Cubs winning the world series. (They are currently behind 7-3)(hahahahaha). If the Tiggers manage to NOT stay true to form and actually win, they then have to take on Texas, who just beat the number one ranked Sooners, in Austin. Good luck!
I for one am cheering on the Utes! (Not really, but they'd be better than BYU).



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