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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Palin Debate Strategy: Attack the Moderator

John McCain pretends to show stunning courage in defending Gwen Ifill, today. (Of course, he can. He doesn't want to look like his hands are dirty while his surrougates pedal the notion that the debate is somehow tainted.) What better way to save Palin from a disasterous debate performance?

Background: FOX News and other conservative idiots pundits have learned how to use and discovered that Gwen Ifill, who will moderate Thursday night's Vice Presidential Debate, has written a book about race relations in the age of Obama. It has not been released yet, but is finished. So conservatives, assuming that Sarah Palin will fall flat on her pitbull lipsticked face, have leveled charges of bias at Ifill. It's one more attack on the First Amendment and journalists in general, setting the stage for charges of bias, and unfair questioning after the completion of the first Vice Presidential debate.

Today, McCain said this:
"I think that Gwen Ifill is a professional, and I think she will do a totally objective job because she is a highly-respected professional," McCain said. "Does this help that if she has written a book that's favorable to Sen. Obama?" McCain asked. "Probably not."
He can say these things, while people like Rush Limbaugh are out there saying Ifill's "totally in the tank" for Obama. Limbaugh says she has a financial stake in the outcome of the election because her book goes on sale inauguration day. Uh, because Obama isn't already a big enough seller as it is? Does that mean swift boater Jerome Corsi has a financial stake in the outcome of the election and therefore his views are biased? Can't it be said that Limbaugh, whose ratings would skyrocket if Obama was elected, has a financial stake in the outcome of the election?

If Ifill comes out Thursday night and her first question to Sarah Palin is, "The Munich Paradigm forever altered how nations responded to acts of foreign aggression. Can you please identify for me what the Munich Paradigm is, who were the countries involved, and who were their leaders at the time as well as why that paradigm should be favored over the Bush doctrine?" then you'll know she's in the tank. If Ifill says, "You've said we should cross over into Pakistan to carry out attacks against terrorists while your running mate opposes such a position. Who is right and why?" Then you'll know she's just doing her job as a journalist. However, when Palin balks, can't answer, or generally throws up on herself, McCain can come out after the debate and say, "That mean Ifill. She's just practicing gotcha journalism because she's in the tank for Obama." What a joke.

I too have a financial stake in this election. Order Gwen Ifill's book through the link below and you can support this blog! Just to appear unbiased, you can also order Jerome Corsi's book through the other link (it's good for a laugh if nothing else).

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