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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Palin: Obama Would Diminish the Office of the Presidency

I started this blog thinking that I would write humorous comments about what was happening in the political world. (Original idea, right?) It seems like all I do now is just shake my head in wonder at how bizarre, nasty, and overtly racist the McCain campaign has become. This was a man that a lot of us moderate Republicans thought they wanted in the White House 8 years ago. We didn't know he would morph into an even more vile version of Bush.

On the Laura Ingraham show today Sarah Palin said:
The Alaska governor told Ingraham's listeners that if those questions were being answered, voters would find Obama "out of the mainstream," adding that the Illinois senator would diminish "the prestige of the United States presidency."
Yeah, because President Bush has upheld the glory of the office so well. Palin went on to say:
“What does it say when Barack Obama says he would sit down unconditionally with Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il and others, unconditionally, and I guess sort of hand over some of the prestige of the United States presidency and validate, I think validate, some of the positions that these dictators have taken,” Palin said.

“Barack Obama is so far out of mainstream America. And the policies I fear that he would support, that are so far left, that are maybe today in the campaign are packaged up to look real pretty and mainstream, they are not.”
She is consistently a fear mongerer. I will give her that. Then you have Frank Keating, McCain's co-chair, saying Obama is a "guy of the street" and mentioning his drug use. Keating then insisted that Obama "come clean" about his drug use. I guess admitting it in a best selling novel isn't good enough for Keating.

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