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Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin: U.S. Senator?

Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens has been found guilty of lying about free home renovations he received. As the New York Times points out, Stevens is not required to drop out of the race and he has stated he does not intend to. If he does stay in he could still be elected. This is probably the course of action Sarah Palin would suggest he take. Why?

Here's my wild hypothetical. Stevens stays in the race and is re-elected to his Senate seat. A few days later (after Palin and McCain lose) he will send his letter of resignation to the Governor of Alaska and the United States Senate. What happens then? The Governor of Alaska would have to appoint someone to fill his seat. Guess who would be on the top of Palin's list? Sarah herself.

That's right, Palin could appoint herself United States Senator under Alaskan law and go pretend to be in charge of the United States Senate (at least she has an outside shot of doing this, unlike if she was Vice President as she mistakenly believes). I think she would still have to be elected to the seat in a special election, but that may not be a problem for her since most Alaskans would probably be pissed she lost the General Election.

Why would she do this? She faces re-election for Governor in 2010. If she really wants to run for President in 2012, she should get into the U.S. Senate and start serving that six year term so she doesn't have to waste time and resources on a gubernatorial re-election campaign. She could focus all her energy on running for the Presidency.

Plus, I'd love to see her sitting on a committee with John McCain. Those two would love getting to spend more time together!

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