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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Biden Gets Cupcakes from Obama

Barack Obama, newly elected President of the United States, went out of his way to lavish a birthday surprise on Joe Biden today. Or at least he could've. Instead, he bought a dozen cupcakes, slapped some candles on them, and called it good. From Huff Po:

Biden's birthday is Thursday, but Obama surprised his No. 2 after their weekly lunch Wednesday at the transition office in Chicago. According to staff, Obama presented Biden _ a Delaware senator with decades of foreign policy experience _ with a dozen cupcakes decorated with candles and teased, "You're 12 years old!"

Staff reported that Biden, ever astute in the art of politics, laughed at the his boss's joke. He responded: "Maybe in dog years!"

Obama led the rest of the staff in song, then handed over some Chicago-themed gifts: a White Sox cap, a Bears cap and a bucket of Garrett's popcorn, a hometown favorite.

Lame! What's up with that? I've seen office parties with better desserts than that!

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