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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Holy Shit.

I wrote this as a JOKE a couple of weeks ago. I imagined a scenario where after the election McCain advisers revealed that Palin didn't know all the continents. In my story, she didn't recognize Antarctica as a continent. I had toyed with the idea of having her just not know that Africa was a continent but decided that was too unrealistic!! Guess I figured out the truth. Per FOX News, she DIDN'T KNOW AFRICA WAS A CONTINENT!!

Here's what I wrote:

"It was shocking," says Joe. "I started out the prepping on a pretty basic level after she was unable to answer some geography questions. Just out of curiosity, I asked her, 'How many continents are there?' She replied, 'Six.' Naturally, I asked her to name the ones she thought were continents. She named six of them and then stopped. I asked her about the one she'd left out, 'Why didn't you mention Antarctica?' She replied, 'In Alaska, we don't believe in the South Pole. The North Pole is the only one that matters.' I knew right then, this was going to be a long election."

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