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Monday, January 26, 2009

All Blago All the Time

Rod Blagojevich continued his non-book/impeachment tour on The View today and ended up getting a noogie from Joy Behar. Shockingly, he was intelligent enough to avoid doing the Nixon impression that Behar requested proving that he does have some sense that this is all being televised and thus avoiding the inevitable "I am not a crook" comparisons. I'll be he's loving life right about now.

From the Huffington Post:
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich continued his television campaign proclaiming his innocence on "The View" Monday and ended up getting his hair tousled by cohost Joy Behar.

After a segment of Barbara Walters, via satellite, one-on-one questioning Blago, the panel came back. Most of the interview consisted of Governor complaining he can't bring witnesses who would prove his innocence in the corruption scandal and impeachment trial.

At the end Behar got upset their time was over and asked him to do his Nixon impression, which she has heard is great. Caught off guard, Blago laughed but repeatedly refused, and earned a head rub from Behar.

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