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Monday, January 19, 2009

Inauguration Day Schedule

I plan to stream live coverage of inauguration day tomorrow starting around 10am ET. Here is the schedule of events according to the Washington Post.

Musical Selections
The United States Marine Band

Musical Selections
The San Francisco Boys Chorus and the San Francisco Girls Chorus

Call to Order and Welcoming Remarks
The Honorable Dianne Feinstein

Dr. Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA

Musical Selection
Aretha Franklin

Oath of Office Administered to Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr.
By Associate Justice of the Supreme Court The Honorable John Paul Stevens

Musical Selection, John Williams, composer/arranger
Itzhak Perlman, Violin
• Yo-Yo Ma, Cello
• Gabriela Montero, Piano
• Anthony McGill, Clarinet

Oath of Office Administered to President-elect Barack H. Obama
By the Chief Justice of the United States The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr.

Inaugural Address
The President of the United States, The Honorable Barack H. Obama

Elizabeth Alexander

The Reverend Dr. Joseph E. Lowery

The National Anthem
The United States Navy Band “Sea Chanters”

After the address, the new president escorts the outgoing chief executive to a departure ceremony before attending a luncheon in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall.

Obama will then go to a luncheon at the Capitol. He'll then start the journey down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House. It's not clear yet if he'll get out and walk at any point along the way. Once he gets to the White House he'll head to the reviewing stand to watch the parade.

The parade will start at 2:30pm ET and goes down Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House.

Later in the evening the President and Mrs. Obama will attend several balls. All the networks expect to have live coverage of their first dance.

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